Welcome to the user guide for matchmaking service of the CoeGSS portal which will assist you to make the most of this service. Matchmaking process assists user to find the experts of their field of  interest on the basis of the choices they have selected while answering the set of questions. This service will help you to find the experts who are related to your area of common interests and to connect with them.

Table of Contents

Accessing the service

You can access the service by clicking the matchmaking service from the Service drop down list on the navigation bar as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Accessing Matchmaking

Question List

Figure 2 is the list of questions which you will get after selecting Matchmaking from the service drop down list on the navigation bar of the CoeGSS portal. However, you can see the list of available questions only after you have answered all the questions and then you can edit your responses by going back to individual question. This helps the user to fine tune the match making process to connect with the expert of their area of interest.

Figure 2: Question List

Detail View

After selecting Matchmaking service you will get the the detail view of the questions as shown in figure 3 below, please select appropriate choices for yourself and ideal answer for the expert you are looking for. You can also ignore the ideal choice of an expert if the question is not important for you or you can select the importance of that question by clicking the importance drop down list and selecting one out four options ('Mandatory', 'Very Important', 'Somewhat Important' or 'Not important' ). After selecting the choices please click save and continue to be directed to the next question.

Figure 3: Detail View

Matched Results

After answering all the questions you will be redirected to the page shown in figure 4 containing the list of expert users matched according to your choices under Matches heading on the right side. You can also see the percentage of choices that are matched with a particular expert under individual experts profile.

Figure 4: Results View

Please click hereto access matchmaking service.