CoeGSS Portal is a single entry point that provides a shared platform for HPC providers, GSS researchers and analysts with models, data and applications. The Portal hosts all the services offered by CoeGSS and provides the authentication mechanism for these services.

Table of Contents

Registration and Login

CoeGSS portal implements a Single-sign-on (SSO) mechanism, which is provided by FIWARE IDM, to authenticate and authorize its users. In order to create an account on the CoeGSS Portal or login with an existing account, the user should click on the Login button which can be found on the navigation bar as shown on Figure 1.

After clicking on the Login button, the user experiences one of the outcomes below, depending on their session state:

Figure 1: Portal login

Figure 2: SSO login


In order to register to the CoeGSS portal, the user can either;

both of which will take the user to the SSO provider's homepage.

Once the user accesses the SSO homepage, the steps below should be followed to create an account:

Figure 3: Sign Up Button

Figure 4: Registration Form

After the Sign Up button on the registration form is clicked, the user will receive an account activation e-mail on the e-mail address provided

The user should activate their account by clicking the I accept link provided in the e-mail, as shown on Figure 5. Once done, the user will be redirected to the SSO login page as shown on Figure 6. At this point, the user has created an account for the CoeGSS portal and activated it.

Figure 5: Activation e-mail

Figure 6: SSO login page

Logging in

In order to login to the CoeGSS portal, the user can either;

Once the user accesses the SSO login page, the steps below should be followed to login:

Upon clicking on Sign In button, the user will be logged in and redirected to the CoeGSS portal as shown in Figure 7.

Please note that accessing the SSO homepage directly and logging in will not redirect the user back to the CoeGSS Portal. After logging into the SSO provider, the user has to visit the CoeGSS portal and click login button to gain access to the portal services.

Figure 7: CoeGSS portal after logging in

Accessing CoeGSS Services

In order to access CoeGSS services, the user should be logged in first. Once logged in, the CoeGSS services can be accessed via the Services drop-down menu that can be found in the navigation bar of the CoeGSS portal as shown in Figure 8.

The guides for each of these services can be found under the Guides drop-down menu.

Figure 8: Portal services

User Guides

CoeGSS portal provides user guides for each of the services offered on the portal which can be accessed via the Guides drop-down menu as shown in Figure 9.

Figure 9: Portal guides