Welcome! to the user guide for Yellow Pages service of the CoeGSS portal that contains the profile details of the organizations registered on the portal. With the help of yellow pages service registered users can find the brief information of the registered organizations of your interest and can contact them via email or phone number of the person responsible.

Table of Contents

Accessing the service

You can access the home page by clicking the Yellow Pages service from the Service drop down list on the navigation bar as shown in Figure 1. Figure 2 is the home page for yellow pages service that lists all the organizations registered on the portal along with there address and area of specialization.

Figure 1: Accessing Yellow Pages

Figure 2: Yellow Pages Homepage

Detail View

When you click on a particular organization name you will be redirected to the organization profile page as shown in Figure 3, that contains a brief introduction of the organization along with the address, contact number and email of a user from that organization as shown in the image below. You can also see the topics in which that particular organization specializes and click any of the topic to see the other organizations that also specializes in the same topic.

Figure 3: Organization Details

Search Function

Yellow pages service also provide a search function which you can use to search a particular organization either by its name or its topic of specialization.

Figure 4: Search Function

Search by Topic

If you click on any of the topics (Eg. HPC, Bigdata or Programming) listed under organization's name you will be redirected to the  page below which shows you all the organizations specializing in that particular topic.

Figure 5: Search by Topic

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